David Schwartz to Address Professionals for Patient Safety on Endoscopy Risks

Endoscopies carry risks — of infection or complications from sedation. New techniques and products can reduce those risks. David Schwartz, a proponent of public education about these new methods, will speak about this to the next Professionals for Patient Safety meeting on Long Island.

Two years ago, comedian Joan Rivers died a week after suffering cardiac arrest during a medical procedure, a sedated upper endoscopy.  Her death might have been avoided because vocal cord issues are easily diagnosed through a less invasive, safer, and more cost-effective procedure called a TNE.

On Monday, May 9, the Long Island chapter of Professionals for Patient Safety (http://pulseofny.org/Prof4PatSafety.html) is to host a meeting at which Mr. David Schwartz, spokesman for the group Citizens for Safe Endoscopy, will explain how TNE — TransNasal Esophagoscopy — reduces the risks associated with traditional endoscopic procedures like that which caused Ms. Rivers’ death.

"Conservatively, over half of the sedated endoscopies performed annually can be performed in a physician's office using TNE without sedation, thereby saving the health care industry over $15 billion per year."

David Schwartz

He will also speak in support of the “Upper Endoscopy Reform Act” which as been introduced to the New York legislature. The law aims to prevent complications that arise from sedation during endoscopic procedures by ensuring that every patient is informed of the alternatives.

The design of most endoscopes also poses some risk of infection, and these instruments are disinfected rather than sterilized. Citizens for Safe Endoscopy was created in order to break the conspiracy of silence and insure that patients know that there are better diagnostic tools available to them, ones that pose a much less significant threat to their health and longevity.

David Schwartz has spent his career practicing law as a litigator and for the past decade as a lobbyist and advocate on behalf of businesses, trade associations, not-for-profits and individuals.

Professionals for Patient Safety are members of the health care workforce (current or retired) and community members who care for others and want to empower patients and their families to navigate the healthcare system for safe, quality care.

The meeting will take place Monday, May 9th at 6:00 PM at the Imperial Diner, 63 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, NY.

The cost for dinner and the presentation is $25.00.  RSVP’s are not required but strongly encouraged, to Ilene Corina at 516-579-4711 or by email to info@pulseofny.org . Come along, and bring a friend!

Source: PULSE of NY