New Health Safety Advocacy Training Program Will Show How to Keep Patients Safe

PULSE of NY announces its next Family Centered Patient Safety Advocacy training course for May 19 & 21, 2015.

Grassroots patient safety organization PULSE of NY announced today that its next Patient Safety Advocacy Certificate Program course will be held over two days in May, in Levittown, NY.

Often, patients who are injured, sick or in need of a medical procedure can’t be active in their own care. For this reason an advocate or “helper” is crucial to the patient's wellbeing. But what exactly does an advocate do? Who would make a good advocate?

"The person who loves the patient most may not always be the best advocate. People need training to be effective advocates."

Ilene Corina, President, PULSE of NY

According to PULSE’s president, Ilene Corina, “The person who loves the patient most may not always be the best advocate. People need training to be effective advocates.”

Protecting a patient’s safety during care may involve a whole set of skills including effective communication, record-keeping, and awareness of the dangers — from hospital-acquired infections to medication errors — that have the potential to harm the patient.

PULSE’s Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training provides these advocacy tools, and more. The training will prepare family, friends or people in the community to be advocates for one person or the whole family, or to begin a career as a patient advocate. 

It covers a range of topics including navigating the healthcare system, ethics, communication skills, and improving health literacy. Specific issues include advance directives, and ways of reducing falls, infections, medication errors and surgery errors. The training includes role-play periods that provide invaluable practical experience.

The sessions will run over two days, May 19 and May 21 from 5:30 to 9:30 PM. Cost is $125.00 per person (reduced rates for groups of three or more.) Participants will have ongoing access to the instructors to assist in decision-making and support for at least one year. Anyone who takes this training (like those who have taken it in the past) may also register for future training for up to two years as a refresher at a reduced fee of $45.

The deadline for registration is May 10.

When: May 19 and May 21, 5:30-9:30 PM

Where: 3601 Hempstead Tpke. Levittown NY 11756