NS-LIJ HIPAA Manager Debbie Wright to Speak at Professionals for Patient Safety Meeting in Freeport, NY

Professionals for Patient Safety members will learn about HIPAA from NS-LIJ's HIPAA Manager, Debbie Wright.

Debbie Wright, CISSP, HIS/HIPAA Privacy & Security Program Manager, Office of Corporate Compliance at North Shore-LIJ Health System, will be the guest speaker at the December 14 Professionals for Patient Safety (PPS) meeting, starting at 6:00 PM at the Imperial Diner in Freeport, NY.  

She will be discussing the topic of HIPAA — the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — and its implications for patients’ privacy. If anyone is still not familiar with HIPAA, just think back to the last time you received medical treatment: you were probably presented with a package of HIPAA information and asked to sign a form saying you had received it.

"People often ask, 'What's the difference between HIPAA and privacy?"

Ilene Corina, President, PULSE of NY

Debbie joined the North Shore-LIJ Health System in 2010 as the IT Security Manager for Electronic Medical Records.  She joined the Office of Corporate Compliance as the HIS/HIPAA Security Program Manager in 2011 and serves on the PHI Protection, Employee Data Privacy, Investigations and IT Risk Governance Committees. She also chairs the Patient Privacy Committee.   

“Many people are not sure about what HIPAA really involves,” say PULSE of NY President Ilene Corina. “People often ask, ‘What’s the difference between HIPAA and privacy?’”

Following the presentation, PPS members will be encouraged to develop a shared "community" message about what HIPAA means, and to use that in community education programs. Many people have different understandings of HIPAA. It's time the public had easy-to-understand facts.

Meeting begins at 6:00 PM at the Imperial Diner Merrick Rd., Freeport, LI. RSVP by noon on December 12 to info@pulseofny.org or (516) 579-4711. Space is limited. Dinner off the regular menu starts at $25 per person, shared cost.

About Professionals for Patient Safety

Started in 2014, PPS is a group of professionals who have currently, or have had, direct contact with patients or their family members, and meet monthly to discuss patient safety issues and concerns. Topics usually are about safe quality care. PPS includes a speakers' bureau made up of medical professionals who educate the community on a variety of topics.