Professionals for Patient Safety Experts Now Available to Speak

Expert Healthcare Professionals from Professionals for Patient Safety group are now available as speakers for Long Island audiences.

Professionals for Patient Safety, a group affiliated with PULSE of NY, has announced that its members are now available to speak to interested audiences in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island.

PPS members all work in healthcare-related professions. They serve as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patient safety advocates and other specialties.

"Speakers have first-hand experience of the issues that affect the safety of patients."

Ilene Corina, President, PULSE of NY

According to PULSE of NY President Ilene Corina, “Speakers have first-hand experience of the issues that affect the safety of patients: medical error, health literacy, navigating the healthcare system, communication with medical staff, and more. All are dedicated to helping patients and their families achieve the best possible outcomes from their care.”

Community groups, social organizations, government departments and private companies can all benefit from the knowledge PPS experts offer.

PPS experts can speak about the following topics (and more):

Introduction to Safe Healthcare
Effective Communication, and Talking with Your Doctor
Medication Safety
Infection Prevention
What happens when I’m discharged from the hospital?
The Role of Family and Friends as Care Partners
Preparing for the Unexpected

There is no charge for PPS speakers: this is a free service to the community, aimed at raising awareness of patient safety and improving outcomes.

Information about Professionals for Patient Safety and some of its leading speakers can be found here.

To arrange a professional speaker to come to your community
or to present to your organization, call 516-579-4711.