PULSE of NY Receives $20,000 From North Shore-LIJ Health System for Patient Safety Education in the Community

Funding enables educational outreach to some of Long Island's most vulnerable populations.

PULSE of NY, Long Island's community-based patient safety organization, has received $20,000 from North Shore LIJ-Health System in support of the Long Island Patient Safety Advisory Council (PSAC).

The Patient Safety Advisory Council, representing diverse and vulnerable populations, produces and distributes information about patient safety, health literacy and how to be part of the healthcare team for the best possible outcomes in medical care. Nonprofit organizations that participate in the PSAC learn about patient safety and then share their specific needs and discuss the obstacles they face in getting safe care. Then PULSE of NY, with the Council's help, develops tools to assist these people, who are often from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

"Our ongoing support of PULSE is an investment in our highest priority - patient safety."

Mark Jarrett, Senior vice president and chief quality officer at North Shore-LIJ

This past year, with support from North Shore-LIJ, PULSE of NY worked with MOMMAS House, homes for young unmarried mothers.  A local pediatrician visited and helped them get ready for a visit to their child's doctor by preparing questions and keeping records. They met with an OB-GYN to learn about safety during pregnancy and afterwards, and developed a policy on when to call an ambulance.

PULSE also worked with people living with HIV/AIDS. The participants claimed that the stigma of living with HIV/AIDS is an obstacle to safe care, so with guidance from the Council, a brochure was developed to help to dispel that stigma.

Some of the other populations PULSE of NY has been able to work with, thanks to the support of North Shore-LIJ, are the Hispanic/ Latino community, transgender communities and people who have physical disabilities.

"With medical errors being the third leading cause of death in the country, just behind heart disease and cancer, patients and their families need to know how to be involved," says Ilene Corina, President, PULSE of NY.  "We at PULSE of NY are grateful to North Shore-LIJ Health System for recognizing that patient involvement is important to safe, quality outcomes."

"PULSE's advocacy efforts and its partnership with North Shore-LIJ help ensure that our hospitals and other providers are attuned  to the needs and concerns of our patients, their families and the community-at-large," said Mark Jarrett, senior vice president and chief quality officer at North Shore-LIJ. "Our ongoing support of PULSE is an investment in our highest priority - patient safety."